YinGinanen Sanen (yingsane) wrote,
YinGinanen Sanen


You can't make it as an individual. You are defined only by those around you.  You don't stand out in the crowd. You're the one who sits back and laughs at the jokes that everyone else makes, but you put in no input of your own. You're always on the sidelines. But there is something about you, something intriguing. No one can put their finger on it. No one will ever really know you. You don't even know yourself. There's something complicated about you. You're always quiet, never arguing, never debating, so boring. So lifeless. If you was dead no one would miss you. Just one less person laughing at their antics.  You just help make a crowd. You're an extra, never play a main role. Just a filler body. 

I am the one who bring them to their knees. I am the one who saves them from their disease. If you don't like me, I don't give a damn. No one can change the greatness that I am.I act spontaniously without regret. I haven't even hit my peak yet.  I laugh as you mock me. You just wish you were me. I am their idol, I am the pleasant surprise. They beg to be in my company. Each of you I dispise. You are not worthy to be in my presence. Every word I speak is a taste of heaven. I can do every wrong in the world and be forgiven. But there's something about me, something hidden.  

We are the children of the sky. We are the thoughts that make you cry. We play the music that brings you tears. We are the sum of all your fears. We were born for something great. Everyone we love we also hate. Our eyes water when we see the stars. Our time is wasted at the bars. Full of love, so much love we'd give it all if it all was ours. We focus our thoughts on things of beauty. Every song we sing is moving. We'd never fight, we'd never kill. The hearts of many we will steal.  We're never lazy, never late. Men of rage, men of faith. We are the flowers in the breeze, we are the ripples in the seas. But no one will ever understand, who we are cause we are man.

This post has nothing   to do with me
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