YinGinanen Sanen (yingsane) wrote,
YinGinanen Sanen

yeah i was right

Oh it's been over for like 2 weeks now. Did i ginx it with the post before this one, 3 months ago? Or did I just know the inevitable. But hey, I knew what I was getting into and I got out of it what I wanted to get out of it. Some fantasies got fulfilled.  ONly thing is I was a bit surprised, because it ended so quickly, just threw it away like it had no meaning when we were so close like the day before it ended. I'm glad I had that opportunity. Now i'm in the middle of developing another relationship with someone else. THis time I'm not going to look back, only forward. And this time there's no bitterment. I'll be the inbetween guy. To quote marilyn manson "i'm not in love, but i'm gonna fuck you till, somebody better.... comes along" - vodevil I did spend a heafty amount of change though. I just wanted to set a standard, maybe that part she'll miss at least, the gifts and going out and stuff.  I need to keep up with my postings, and get another book. only reason i even signed onto here was to find someone else's journal i'm interested in.
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